Westchase Summer Camp


High School Volunteers, Click here to sign up!

  • NEW LOCATION!:  Westchase Elementary School (9517 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33626)
  • HOURS and COST:  
    • Full Day camp hours are from 9AM-4:30PM, Monday-Thursday. $250 per week.
    • AM or PM half day options per week:
      • AM camp is 9-12:30, Monday-Thursday. $135. PM camp is 1-4:30, Monday-Thursday. $135.
    • Enroll in Full Day camp at $250 per camp week and save $20 (over two Half Day camps at $135 each).
    • ALL SUMMER FULL DAY PASS to attend all 5 full day camps is $1100 — a $150 discount!  
    • ALL SUMMER HALF DAY PASS to attend 5 half day camps, AM or PM only, is $600 — a $75 discount!
    • Families with 3+ children attending will also receive 5% off their total camp cost.
  • AGE:  Camp is for children entering grades 1-8. Ask about volunteer opportunities for high school students!
  • BENEFITS:  Students in all of our STEM camps participate in group design/build projects and innovative play, teaching them persistence, adaptability, and communication skills.


  • STEM classes are the future of engineering and it's important that students develop skills that help them think outside the box, approach a problem creatively and learn to work with others to maximize each team member's talents. My son really benefitted from Mrs. Saville's STEM classes and her hands-on approach. Mary Saville's enthusiasm and passion for STEM classes is contagious and the students not only learn the core concepts, but are able to extend and demonstrate that learning!

    -Mother of a middle school student
  • I would definitely recommend taking a class from Mrs. Saville because she uses STEM activities all the time, and those are the activities that help you learn how to solve real world problems. She shows how STEM classes will help you succeed in the real world!

    -11-year old student
  • You have really sparked his enthusiasm for the whole engineering pursuit

    -Mother of a student
  • It is the best class that I ever took! I learned a lot, but at the same time it was very fun. Thursdays were always the high point of the week!

    -High school student
  • I like how we got to use toys to build something new!

    -1st grade student, in reference to an invention challenge
  • I did a teacher education seminar on the weekend for Makedo and showed off your handy work. Teachers were totally inspired. Thank you and thank your class. Your outputs have exceeded my expectations! It’s so exciting to see, and I love how you say that you don’ see it as trash but as materials – that was always our intention with this product. I would absolutely love your lesson plans for these classes.

    -Makedo, a corporate partner who donated material that was then incorporated into our lesson plan
  • Thank you so much for making this possible by taking an interest in our son during class time - he really enjoyed learning from you.

    -Family of an Intro to Engineering student who became a National Merit Scholarship Finalist
  • For the record it was the time I spent in your classes that developed my love of engineering. I am really looking forward to college, and feel that I am well prepared for the challenges. You have been an amazing teacher

    -High school student about to enter college as an engineering major
  • I greatly enjoyed you as a teacher last year. You got me started on SketchUp and I wanted to show you how far I have come: I made a 3D-designed house!

    -14-year old student, after receiving computer design lessons for a semester
  • Mrs. Saville’s Engineering knowledge and STEM approach was invaluable to our son during his high school years. Her enthusiasm and engaging approach helped direct him into pursuing a mechanical engineering degree in college at a school that is in the top 20 engineering programs in the country.

    -Kirsten K